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Kelly Hartzell

Franklin Academy High School
Science Instructor
Wake Forest, NC
I obtained my BS degree in Applied Biology at Georgia Tech and my MS degree in Cancer Genetics, also at Georgia Tech. I worked as a staff scientist at the NIH focusing on cancer genetics, respiratory research, and animal models. I have taught at both the undergraduate and high school level. I have have a published biology lab e-book that has directions and pictures of lab setups to make the students self-sufficient in the laboratory setting entitled 'Hartzell Science'. I also use the CK-12 book as outside reading for the students and I use video lectures to allow the students to review material outside of class. There is a need to bring a humanistic viewpoint into science. The humanities and the sciences both search for truth and beauty and introducing the different ways that different disciplines approach this search, and finding ways to bridge the disciplines, will be the focus of this talk.